Review: The Report demands attention despite its static delivery

Golden Globe-nominated The Report is now available for streaming via Amazon Prime Video and it stars Kylo Ren himself - Adam Driver - in the lead role.

But this is no science-fiction, it's very much based on fact and is helmed by the writer and producer of Contagion and The Bourne Ultimatum, Scott Z Burns.

It's based on the very true story of US Senate investigator Daniel Jones, a man tasked with a very forensic fact-finding mission post-911; to uncover what methods the CIA used to interrogate detainees.

It became the largest investigation in US Senate history and was referred to as The Torture Report.

Crafting a compelling feature narrative that's essentially one man and his small team painstakingly reading over 6 million pages of classified documents is clearly a major challenge and while I'd love to report The Report succeeds wholesale in doing so, the mostly static delivery of these shocking revelations rather unfortunately stalls where it matters most; in its final stages.

But the story itself of course demands attention and for a certain cross-section of film lovers will almost certainly find an audience.

Three stars.

While we're talking Adam Driver, Star Wars fans can now dive back into Kylo and Rey in The Rise of Skywalker while on lockdown, the final film in this latest trilogy is now up to rent or buy online.

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