'Still clearer than Boris!': Comedy sisters ridicule confusing UK lockdown rules with 'brilliant' song

British musical comedy duo Flo and Joan have released an ode to the UK's confusing lockdown rules with a song that's been dubbed "just the tonic lockdown requires". 

Nicola and Rosie Dempsey released the track 'Lockdown Dance' on the Flo and Joan Facebook page, written and filmed from their respective isolation bubbles. 

The lyrics reference the ways in which ordinary people have struggled to get to grips with the UK government's lockdown regulations, which have been dubbed "confused and contradictory". 

"Work from home if you can, go to work if you can/Go to home from work if you can/Is this making sense? OK!," the sisters sing at the start of the song. 

Referring to a rule that stipulated families could only see one other person outside of their bubble, Flo and Joan sing: "Go and see your nan, but not your grandad/If they come together, better just choose one.

"Now hug your grandad in a secret bush, if nobody sees it, you won't get sick." 

The pair also made mention of the new weekly tradition of clapping for the NHS workers every Thursday night, making a jab at the low pay rates many healthcare professionals are on. 

"Wash your hands, stay alert, protect your hands to stay alert/Wash your home and alert your hands, now clap them for the NHS," the lyrics read. 

"Clapping counts for money now, please give me paychecks filled with claps/Thank you nursie for your job I value you with finger snaps." 

Flo and Joan also provide a useful way to remember how to practice social distancing. "Take it six feet back, or a whole Stephen Merchant back," they sing. 

"Don't be confused, don't be confused, it's very clear if you do the rules," they insist. 

The tune has already caught the attention of many on social media. "Still clearer than Boris [Johnson]! Amazing!," one fan wrote on Facebook. 

"As an official NHS hero I salute Flo and Joan and think they should be made Dames for their service to keeping up morale," said another. 

"Clarity at last," one commenter joked.