'I told him to get off': Justin Bieber accused of sexual assault by two women

Warning: This article discusses sexual assault. 

Justin Bieber has denied accusations of sexual assault after two women came forward with allegations on Twitter. 

The singer has dubbed one of the claims "factually impossible", providing accommodation documents and receipts as an alibi.

One of the women, identified only as Danielle, alleged she was forced into non-consexual sex with Bieber in 2014, which was followed by a similar account from another woman called Kadi, who said her alleged assault took place in 2015. Both Twitter users declined to include their last names. Danielle's Twitter account, including the tweet in question, were removed after Bieber refuted her claims. 

In both instances, the women described the night they allegedly spent with Bieber in detail, having both been chosen to meet the 'Baby' singer by members of his entourage. 

In her now-deleted tweet, Danielle said she was invited to meet the Grammy winner at the Four Seasons hotel in Texas, where she was separated from her friends and left alone with Bieber, who then asked her to join him in bed. 

"That's when I asked myself, 'How in the world is this normal?'" Danielle wrote. She claimed Bieber threatened her with "serious legal trouble" if she talked to anyone about their encounter and took her phone away from her during it. 

Danielle said she consented to the pair kissing at first, but went on to tell Bieber the situation was "going too far" and that she wanted to stop. 

"His body was on top of mine, skin-to-skin. I was very uncomfortable and I felt myself starting to hyperventilate... I told him to get off," she wrote. 

Danielle wrote that Bieber forced himself on her despite her protests. 

Celebrity gossip website Pop Crave shared an Instagram message allegedly from Bieber's representative Allison Kaye, who refuted Danielle's claims, saying the pop star stayed at an Airbnb that night, thus rendering Danielle's story "factually impossible". 

Bieber has attempted to bolster Kaye's claims by sharing several documents that he says prove he was "never present" at the location of Danielle's story. Over a lengthy Twitter thread, Bieber posted news articles, Airbnb receipts and photos to demonstrate that he stayed elsewhere on the night in question and was accompanied by his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

In the comments section, some Twitter users shared screenshots of tweets allegedly posted on the date of Danielle's story, in which various members of the public claimed to have seen Bieber, his Lamborghini, or the group of young women waiting for him at the Four Seasons. 

Bieber rebuffed those tweets, saying he was at the Four Seasons restaurant rather than the hotel on the night following the date of the alleged sexual assault. He provided a follow-up tweet from one of the original bystanders who spotted him as evidence.

In response to Danielle's claims against Bieber, Kadi tweeted that she believed her, claiming she was also a victim of the sexual misconduct perpetrated by him. 

Kadi's tweet detailed a night at the Langham hotel in New York in which she claims Bieber followed her into a bathroom and locked the door before kissing and groping her, which she asked him to stop. 

Kadi then described Bieber "pinning her down" before forcing himself on her, at which point she "kicked him between the legs" and ran out.  

Bieber does not appear to have addressed these claims, but did say he would be working with Twitter and the authorities to take action against Danielle's claim.