Te Reo Māori Moana hits Disney+

The Te Reo Māori translation of international blockbuster Moana is already a massive hit, and it's now available to an even bigger audience.

But the two wahine toa, or strong women, behind it, say that's not even the most exciting part.

It's a story close to home and now can be streamed at home in Te Reo.

The two filmmakers behind it, Tweedie Waititi and Chelsea Winstanley, are thrilled. 

"During COVID-19 we had a lot of requests of 'why can't we watch the Māori one on Disney +?' Well, he anei the iwi," said Waititi. 

The translated version of the hit film was a success, selling out screenings around the country.

"Seeing themselves on screen, hearing the reo. Amazing," says Winstanley.

They says it's so important to show them their language matters.

"We have to show them their reo will stand up next to something as great as Disney," says Waititi.

"The great thing about Moana Reo Māori is that we do exist. It's a great way to open doorways and create relationships," says Winstanley.

Waititi's brother Taika is making sure we see and hear more from indigenous storytellers.

His production company Piki Film was on Friday signing Māori writers to work on two films and a TV show about the effects of colonisation.

Movies, making waves for Māori.