Review: Rose Matafeo shows 'hallmark humour' and 'heartfelt performance' in Baby Done

Keeping it local is once again the order of the day at your nearest cinema as Kiwi rom-com Baby Done is delivered safely on its due date.

Award-winning comedian Rose Matafeo headlines, sharing the spotlight with Neville Longbottom of Harry Potter fame.

Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim (Matthew Lewis) in Baby, Done.
Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim (Matthew Lewis) in Baby, Done. Photo credit: File

Zoe likes climbing trees. Tim likes climbing trees too. Soon, their most perilous climb of all - the ascent into parenthood.

For Zoe, that's one tree she's not sure she'll be able to scale.

Despite the challenges of pregnancy and her worry, they will both turn into dicks - like all their friends with kids - Zoe remains determined to carry on business as usual.

That means competing in the world championships of tree climbing in Canada.

But Tim has other ideas, and the descent into domestic discord is inevitable.

From stand-up to stand-out, Rose is a star, augmenting her hallmark humour with a genuinely heartfelt performance. 

The overall trajectory of the story and the delivery of Baby, Done wasn't quite the home run I'd been hoping for, but much joy is still very easily found.  

Three and a half stars.