The AM Show's Mark Richardson, Duncan Garner and Amanda Gilles read the nastiest feedback of the year live on air

  • 10/12/2020

As 2020 draws to a close, the hosts of The AM Show have reflected on another year on air and all the audience feedback that came with it. 

Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson said they loved hearing from viewers of the show, but not all of the comments were nice ones. 

During Thursday morning's show, the broadcasters took a moment to read out some of the most savage messages they had been sent by people at home, which included more than a few unflattering comparisons and some pleas to change their appearance or even their personalities. 

"Sometimes you get pretty fired up about what we say and do and the way we look," Garner explained. 

Here are some of the meanest messages The AM Show hosts have received in 2020: 

Mark Richardson

"What's happened to Mark's skin? He's very jaundiced-looking. He's like a golden waving Buddha in a Thai shop." 

"Mark Richardson looks as though he has new cricket pads implanted in the front of his mouth!" 

"It's not often I wear my sunglasses while having my toast and coffee in the morning, but Mark's teeth made it necessary today. What have you done to them, man? Another reason to hand in your man card." 

Duncan Garner

"Tell Duncan not to ever stand up on camera ever again please. He looks like Gru from Despicable Me and it's disgusting." 

"You turned rabid like a dog, you gutless little twerp." 

"Sometimes, Duncan, you act like a two-year-old and a total dickhead." 

Amanda Gillies 

"Your boobs are on your waist. Please lift them up." 

"Can you get Amanda to decide to keep her hair natural? At the moment, it's a slutty look."

"Please tell Amanda to stop reading the news like she's constipated!"