Review: Oscar Kightley's Dawn Raid needs to be seen

Stop drop and roll to the nearest cinema, one of the best local docos directed by one of New Zealand's best local storytellers is about to hit the big screen and it needs to be seen. 

Dawn Raid is the story of the rise and fall of the ground-breaking south Auckland hip-hop music label with the same name.

Dawn Raid Entertainment is the hip hop label which discovered and promoted Adeaze, Aaradhna, Deceptikonz, Mareko, and Savage - this is its story. 

In the hands of long-time writer and actor and first-time feature director Oscar Kightley, it becomes a powerful, emotional and incredibly entertaining film.

Of course at the heart of this tale are Dawn Raid founders Brotha D and Andy Murnane, mates since selling t-shirts at Otara Markets 20 years ago. 

They went on to showcase the very best in Pasifika and New Zealand hip hop until it all came grinding to a heart-breaking halt.

Their story is an emotional, rewarding ride.

You can have the most compelling story full of life and love and colour and drama but if it isn't told right it's a tragic waste. This was told right.  

New Zealand is witnessing the birth of New Zealand's next big thing, he was sitting right there in front of our very eyes the whole time.

Oscar Kightley, your first feature is a five-star watch.