Sensing Murder star Kelvin Cruikshank's pet dog shot

The Sensing Murder star says he was devastated by the incident.
The Sensing Murder star says he was devastated by the incident. Photo credit: Facebook - Kelvin Cruickshank NZ Medium

Sensing Murder star Kelvin Cruickshank bought in the New Year in tears of grief after his pet chihuahua Pearl was shot on his property.

The celebrity medium told the Northern Advocate he was devastated by the incident. 

He said one of his children could have easily been shot. 

"We've got children and cats and dogs and all of our kids were away on holiday and we were really thankful for that. Normally they're running around the section playing spotlight," he told the Northern Advocate.

Cruikshank was at home at his Northland property on New Year's Eve when the shooting happened. 

He rushed Pearl to Bay of Islands Vets, meeting the vets 12 minutes into their drive. 

"Pearl was making a gurgling noise and when I saw, I just burst into tears," Cruikshank told the Northern Advocate. 

Pearl underwent a 2.5 hour surgery to fix her injuries, vets saying it was a miracle the tiny 2.1kg dog survived. 

Pearl returned home on January 4 and while it's still unknown how her injuries will impact her, Cruickshank says she's a "real battler." 

In a Facebook post the medium said: "Wasn’t quite the New Years Kelvin had planned. Thankfully Pearl is doing well and will hopefully make a full recovery." 

Cruickshank who is known for his appearances on television series Sensing Murder where he spoke to the dead as a psychic detective says he has no idea who would commit such an act.