Your Honor star Bryan Cranston puts an incredibly difficult question to the hosts of The Project NZ

Bryan Cranston has revealed the tough question he asks everyone who he tells about his new show Your Honor: Would you become a criminal to protect the life of your child?

The Breaking Bad star spoke to the hosts of The Project NZ about his latest role as a judge who goes against everything he stands for after his son is involved in a hit and run accident. 

"What Michael Desiato faces is the mortal threat of his son's life. When that happens, I think a very base animalistic reaction takes over, and you protect your young, you just do," Cranston explains. 

Cranston, a father himself, said he always asks his friends and family who are about to watch the series the same question: "What would you do? Would you become a criminal to protect the life of your child?"

"There's not one person that I've talked to that said no. Every single one said 'I would absolutely become a criminal, if it meant I could keep my son or daughter alive, yes'," Cranston said. 

The six-time-Emmy-Award-winner also revealed what attracts him to his "tough" characters like Breaking Bad's Walter White and Your Honor's Michael Desiato. 

"I think I let my characters be tough, but there's also a fragility to the characters I am attracted to," he said. 

"They're damaged to some degree. I think what makes me root for a character is the sense that a good person got on the wrong track, and is stumbling and falling, but still attempts to try to do the right thing. 

"I think that's human beings in a nutshell. We're imperfect souls, and so we don't expect other people to be perfect," he said.