'Missing a few instruments': Bill Bailey reviews The Project NZ's theme song

Bill Bailey is out of quarantine and preparing to tour Aotearoa with his new show En Route to Normal - but first, he stopped by The Project NZ to lend his musical and mullet expertise. 

The musician and comedian replied "being in New Zealand" when asked what brings him joy, having just written a book about "the nature of happiness". 

Bailey said he thoroughly enjoyed the human contact that came with a handshake with host Jeremy Corbett amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw him locked down in the UK. 

Despite his sunny disposition, the comedian and musician didn't hold back when it came to reviewing The Project's theme song, which he said "felt a bit underproduced". 

"It's a Bond theme in a Dubstep style," he said. "It seems like there are a few instruments missing." 

When asked what could be added, Bailey said he thought the theremin - an electronic instrument that uses a magnetic field - would be a good fit. 

Later in the show, the Black Books star presided over a competition to find New Zealand's best mullet - although he wanted to be clear that his personal hairstyle didn't fit the criteria. 

"I have gone for the skull mullet, I call it a skullet. All the hair is at the back of the head, rather than at the top." 

Of Wednesday night's winner, sporting a "Ginger tradie mullet", he said: "Wow, that is like a young pony." 

Bailey will be performing 17 dates in New Zealand throughout March and April.