The 'slip up' in Britney Spears' latest Instagram video that has fans convinced she's being manipulated

Britney Spears has uploaded another 'Q+A' video to Instagram, once again prompting concern from fans who appear to be convinced she's not in charge of her own social media accounts, and is being coerced into recording content. 

One Instagram user dubbed the troubled popstar the "queen of answering questions no one asked" after she uploaded a video sharing her new year's resolutions. 

"Okay so I heard that a lot of you guys have been writing in and you want to know what my main goals are for 2021," Spears began the clip. 

It was the 'Toxic' singer's assertion that she had "heard" about fans "writing in" that caught the attention of proponents of the #FreeBritney movement, who have long suspected she's being held against her will and having her rights withheld. 

"She basically just confirmed she doesn’t have access to her social media???" one fan wrote, while another said Spears had made a "slip up" that exposed that someone else was running her account. 

In the short video, the 39-year-old listed her goals for 2021, including taking cooking and pilates classes, meditating more and trying an 'ice-cream diet'. Spears also exhibited a rocking motion that has become infamous in her videos, with many commenters claiming it's a "self-soothing" behaviour caused by trauma. 

"You can tell she's scared by her looking away and rocking back and forth," one Instagram user wrote. 

"She is literally reading from somthing behind the camera," said another. 

"Girl, these are not the questions we need answers to," wrote a third. 

Spears' personal and financial affairs have been under the conservatorship of her father for the last 12 years, following a series of public breakdowns. The singer's legal team has been campagaining for Jamie Spears to be removed from the agreement, but he has insisted he should not be stripped of any roles. 

Campaginers of the #FreeBritney movement often hold protests outside courts where the legal proceedings are taking place.