Duncan Garner confirms he tested positive for COVID-19, is on the mend now

Duncan Garner says he has officially tested positive for COVID-19 after speaking out about suspecting he had caught the virus. 

The broadcaster told Stuff he received a positive test result on Monday night, but now feels he's "at the end" of feeling unwell. 

Garner revealed he had been suffering COVID-19 symptoms in his column for NBR, adding that his 11-year-old son had already tested positive. 

Stuff reports the former AM Show host began feeling unwell the Sunday before last, where he "felt like sleeping" and "spent the day feeling like shit". 

"I had a headache and my body ached all over. I felt like if I moved, something would break," he said. 

Garner said that taking paracetamol and ibuprofen helped ease his symptoms, leaving him now feeling "just a bit tired". 

"They worked a treat. I kept popping those pills, felt pretty good Monday/Tuesday, and got the sweats for a couple of days," he said. 

The 47-year-old is double vaccinated, having received his second jab "right at the start of this illness", according to Stuff. 

"I'm fine and my son's fine. I'll be getting back to it," he said.

In his NBR column, Garner urged anyone who hadn't been vaccinated to get the jab, writing: "You're a mug for not doing it."