The Edge's Meg Mansell recalls tears of joy after overhearing nurse's words to newborn baby

The Edge's Meg Mansell is reflecting on motherhood weeks after giving birth to her daughter Daisy, recalling being brought to tears of joy after overhearing a nurse talking to her new baby. 

The radio host shared a photo of her family, including husband Guy Mansell, celebrating three weeks with "this tiny little half me, half Guy human". 

"I love being her mum. A few days after I gave birth, while I was still in hospital, I went to the bathroom while the nurse held Daisy on the other side of the door who was having a bit of a meltdown," she explained. 

"I heard the nurse say 'You just want your mum don't you?'. I stood there and just cried into the sink. I've always said that to other people's babies, but I'd never heard anyone say it about me and mine." 

The Edge breakfast show host said she "felt different" being a mum, but didn't know exactly how to describe it. 

"More at peace, or more confident in myself and who I am maybe," she wrote. 

"Maybe part of it comes down to knowing I carried, created and birthed her and the strength I now know it took to do all of it, or maybe it was just a switch in my brain waiting to be turned on the moment she was placed on my chest." 

Meg added that Guy was "such a natural dad", writing: "I know we all knew that would be the case but it's been magic to see it in the flesh." 

"How do I slow time down? How is she nearly a month already?" she concluded.