Piers Morgan condemns Adele as 'dream-destroying diva' for cancelling Vegas shows

Piers Morgan, presumably having run out of Meghan Markle material, has taken aim at Adele for the last-minute cancellation of her Vegas residency in his trademark vicious style.  

Writing for The Sun, Morgan dubbed the singer a "staggeringly rich, privileged, pampered prima donna" who had "disappeared" up her own "rapidly diminishing celebrity backside". 

The former ITV broadcaster refused to accept Adele's explanation for canning her shows, in which she explained that COVID-19 had taken out half her crew and the pandemic had caused supply chain issues. 

"I'm so sorry," she told fans in a tearful video, "but my show ain't ready. I'm so upset and I'm really embarrassed." 

Instead, Morgan speculated on various tabloid rumors that suggested Adele had unrealistic demands when it came to the set, insisting: "COVID was just a convenient excuse for the more likely truth, which is that Adele didn't prepare properly and didn't visit the stage before it was too late - and then threw an extended diva fit of Biblical proportions." 

Of course, the ex Good Morning Britain host couldn't miss an opportunity to name drop his least-favourite Duchess, adding: "[It] culminated in her throwing her Meghan-like 'What Adele wants, Adele gets!' toys out of the pram and abruptly scrapping the entire residency a day before it was due to start." 

"And by doing so, she destroyed God knows how many dream trips by die-hard fans who had shelled out not just on tickets, but flights and hotels, too," he continued. 

Morgan then slammed Adele for making personal apologies to fans who were already in Vegas via FaceTime, alleging she "offered them free drink tokens, before realising many were underage". 

"Then, after urging people to go get her merchandise from the Caesars store, she did what all good divas do in such situations and fled Vegas on a private jet back to her Hollywood home, where she's been hidden away ever since in magnificent, heavily cosseted luxury." 

Morgan accused Adele of having lost her "great gift", which was her "rare relatability to those fans". 

"They believed in her because she was a working-class girl who treated them as equals.

"But now she has morphed into just another staggeringly rich, privileged, pampered prima donna who thinks it's fine to pull the plug on months of shows at a moment's notice because she can't get everything she demands," he said. 

The 56-year-old declared that now the 'Go Easy On Me' hitmaker's ego was "now writing cheques her fans couldn't even dream of cashing". 

"And frankly, it's a disgrace," he wrote. 

"If Freddie Mercury can make an album as he was literally dying, then she could probably have found the inner strength to pocket $500,000 a night to sing a few songs even if the set design wasn't absolutely perfect.

"That would have been the right thing to do for the fans she professes to love so much.

But sadly, it would appear health-obsessed Adele's disappeared up her rapidly diminishing celebrity backside, and no amount of weeping and wailing can change that very disappointing fact."