Review: King Richard, the story of the rise of the Williams sisters is definitely worth a watch

From Compton to Wimbledon, the story of tennis legends Serena and Venus Williams is an inspirational one.

Their parents - and particularly their father Richard - was the driving force throughout their childhood and it's that story that anchors a new big-screen film hitting cinemas this week.

Game, set, match. Ladies and gentlemen, Will Smith takes to the cinematic centre court here to remind us he really can act.

This is King Richard. This true story of the rise of the Williams sisters to the pinnacle of the sporting world was begging to be made into a big-screen outing. And this is a cracking watch.

Before the sisters were even born, their father Richard wrote up a 78-page plan detailing how they were going to get straight outta Compton and become tennis champions.

Richard was a big character in the tennis world. He was overbearing, dogged, ballsy, persistent and would never ever take no for an answer.

Smith embodies all of those things with a twinkle and a tonne of heart and he's by no means on his own.

Relative newcomers Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton as Venus and Serena are just excellent.

This is one of those holiday watches that actually deserves the tagline, a movie the whole family will enjoy. It's compelling, insightful, galvanising and very entertaining.

Four stars.

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