Review: Ticket to Paradise sends Kate Rodger screaming into the hills

George Clooney and Julia Roberts talked each other into signing up for a tropical rom-com and now their Ticket to Paradise has just landed in Kiwi cinemas.

But is paradise all it's cracked up to be? Kate Rodger got a ticket to investigate.

Bad rom-coms are my kryptonite and more often than not I find them mostly all bad.

So the fact that Ticket to Paradise - despite the Roberts-Clooney collective - sent me screaming into the hills should shock absolutely nobody.

Georgia (Roberts) and David (Clooney) used to be happily married and now they're unhappily divorced. Their union produced Lily.

Lily goes to Bali, meets a local dude in 30 seconds and decides to marry him, abandoning years of college study to be a lawyer in favour of a life spent harvesting seaweed on an impossibly idyllic Balinese beach.

Mum and dad are not happy, they fly to the wedding with sabotage on their minds and the rest, as they say, is rom-com.

Queensland pretending to be Bali, Clooney and Roberts pretending to be funny and the entire movie pretending it's worth the ticket price.

None of that really matters because a few hours in a cinema pretending you too are in Bali with Clooney and Roberts isn't the worst thing that can happen to the world right now.

Two stars.