Ed Sheeran pleads for chocolate from Whittakers NZ after his first Wellington stadium gig

'Shape of You' singer Ed Sheeran made a desperate late night plea after his Wellington Sky Stadium gig - for chocolate from Whittakers.

Posting on his Instagram Stories, Sheeran shared a polite but firm plea to the Kiwi chocolate giants as he was driven home from performing to 48,000 fans in the capital.

"Whittakers NZ chocolate, you made a bar of chocolate with my face on it, I've just seen the memes," he said.

"I'm in Wellington for one more day. Please get me a bar and all is forgiven," Sheeran added, before ending his video by blowing a kiss.

Just before his first gig as part of the Mathematics tour, Whittakers shared an image on social media of an Ed Sheeran-inspired chocolate block.

"We couldn't be happier to hear Ed is a Chocolate Lover! This one's for you," they said, showing off the ginger-coloured wrapper for the Ed Block bar.

However, they had bad news for those wanting to get their hands on it.

"Hello Chocolate Lovers! This Special Ed-ition chocolate block was crafted especially for our newest Chocolate Lover, and won't be available in stores."

The friendly flirting between the Kiwi brand and the ginger singer comes just a day after it was revealed Sheeran had changed his opinion on New Zealand chocolate, which he initially dissed back in 2015.

"Also I take back what I said about NZ chocolate, it's actually alright isn't it," he said on social media ahead of his performance in Wellington.

"We would have to agree, New Zealand chocolate is pretty top notch. Even better, NZ's finest chocolate is made here in Wellington, just down the road from you," the official Whittakers NZ account replied.

On Friday morning, Whittakers told Newshub they intended to make Sheeran's dream a reality.

"As fans of his too, we've created him a Special Ed-ition 'Ed Block', which is our delicious Whittaker's Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate in a specially crafted label.

"We're planning to share it with him as soon as we hear back from him about where to send to," a spokesperson said.