Ed Sheeran receives special Whittaker's 'Ed-ition' chocolate block

Singer Ed Sheeran has been delivered a special Whittaker's 'Ed-ition' chocolate block after he issued a plea to the company.

On his Instagram story, the 'Shape of You' singer shared a story of him with the block of chocolate and thanked them for sending it. And it could be good news for Aucklanders hit hard by flooding.

After his concert in Wellington on Thursday night, Sheeran said in another Instagram story that he wanted chocolate from Whittaker's.

"Whittaker's NZ chocolate, you made a bar of chocolate with my face on it, I've just seen the memes," he said.

"I'm in Wellington for one more day. Please get me a bar and all is forgiven," he added, before ending his video by blowing a kiss.

On Friday, Sheeran posted on his Instagram story that he had received the block of chocolate.

"Whittaker's chocolate thank you so much all is forgiven I love the chocolate bar. Not sure on the picture let's be honest. But all is forgiven I love you guys. You make great chocolate," he said on his Instagram story.

Sheeran also said in his story that Whittaker's had asked him if they should make more 'Ed-ition' blocks to help with the Auckland flood relief.

"I think that is a fantastic idea so we'll be in touch and these blocks will hopefully be seen soon and eaten soon and enjoyed with a different picture."

Ed Sheeran is performing at Auckland's Eden Park on Friday February 10 and Saturday February 11.