Video: Actor Michael B Jordan tells Newshub's Kate Rodger directing new Creed movie was personal

Actor Michael B Jordan's third movie in his Creed trilogy opens in New Zealand cinemas this weekend. He's not only playing the lead character but it's also his debut as a director.

It's a big step up for Jordan with a film he says is personal.

At just 36 years of age, actor and now director Michael B Jordan is officially a star. This week he was awarded his very own on the iconic Hollywood walk of fame.

It tops off a one-two punch of a week as Jordan's directorial debut in Creed III stormed into cinemas to the roar of rave reviews.

Taking the DNA of the Rocky movies and his decade-long collaboration with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ryan Coogler, Jordan stepped into the ring for the third time as Adonis Creed.

When Newshub asked Jordan why the movie was personal for him, he said: "Playing this character over the last nine years - that's a lot of growth. It's a decade, it's a lot of evolution."

"I kinda understand what he's going through, just a little bit - so being able to take some of those shared experiences and blur those lines and maybe work out some of my own shit - that's what you hope for," Jordan said.

In front of and behind IMAX cameras to capture the pure visceral intensity of the fighters and the fight, Jordan was the first one to confess that directing the film took all he had.

"It's very stressful because you're fighting for everything, you find out you care more than everybody," he said.

"I'm still reflecting on it but it's very satisfying you know, creatively [and] spiritually.

"It's a feeling. You have to direct a movie to understand it."

If the actor's Creed III debut has anything to go by - he is already punching well above his weight in Hollywood.