Baz Luhrmann says he doesn't see a problem with movies using AI because they'll never replace humans

Acclaimed Australian director Baz Luhrmann says he would film in New Zealand if he could "find the right subject".

The Elvis director told AM hosts Ryan Bridge and Melissa Chan-Green he was keen to make movies in Aotearoa, but currently that role was being filled by James Cameron - an "out-of-towner who's very good with AI (artificial intelligence)".

Luhrmann, who is currently in the UK helping with an AI-inspired art installation, told the hosts that while he loved New Zealand, he had no current plans to film here.

"New Zealand is an amazing filmmaking environment, so you don't have to convince me very hard. I just have to find the right subject," he said.

Luhrmann was also asked if he would consider using more AI in any future movies.

However, he was adamant that while AI could help in some films, such as in his Oscar-nominated Elvis, it would never replace human actors.

Luhrmann said parts of Austin Butler's face were placed on footage of the actual Elvis during the movie using AI, but he doubted it would become the norm.

"Because the one thing it can't do is be human and humanity is at the centre of any artistic gesture."

Watch the video from AM above.