MAFS groom Dan Hunjas caught in secret video saying he can't stand wife Sandy Jawanda

Married At First Sight Australia's Dan Hunjas has been exposed as a liar in secret footage aired as part of the finale of season 10.

Hunjas was hauled over the coals by the show's experts over video of fellow groom Hugo Armstrong talking to a producer, complaining how "this whole thing is f**ked".

Armstrong was then heard repeating what Hunjas had said.

"I don't wanna throw any of the boys under the bus... Dan (was) like, 'I can't stand her. But we say yes to try to make it to the end. She is the last person I'd be attracted to. Like, she's 100 percent, not my type," he said.

The comments from Armstrong follow rumours Hunjas had been showing photos of ex-girlfriends and declaring them hotter than his wife Sandy Jawanda. Hunjas denied it at the time.

After Armstrong's off-camera revelations, Jawanda took the opportunity to let fly at Hunjas as he tried to "intimidate" them both. 

"Stop looking at Hugo, I know what you're doing. Stop intimidating him. I see it in your eyes, Dan," she said. 

"I've dealt with you for two months full-time, I know exactly what you do. You're doing it to me right now. Stop trying to intimidate me and stop me from speaking."

Despite Hunjas saying he didn't recall the words, his wife offered up more damning evidence of his behaviour.

"The night before we went to bed, he said things like, 'I don't understand why you only want to get intimate in the dark. I'm not vibing with this, Sandy. I date girls who walk around in skimpy clothes'," she said.

Hunjas' behaviour has been condemned online with many commenting on how relieved they were that he was finally caught out.

"Dan is so condescending when he speaks to Sandy, like she's a child that doesn't get something simple. He's so unwilling to own up to anything," one said

"God I forgot how nasty Dan is. Can see it all across his face," another wrote.

Episodes of Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 can be streamed on ThreeNow.