MAFS Sandy Jawanda brutally dismisses Dan Hunjas, saying he 'no longer deserves my time or energy'

Jilted Married at First Sight bride Sandy Jawanda has sent a defiant message to her former husband Dan Hunjas, saying he "no longer deserves my time or energy".

It comes after Hunjas was exposed as a liar in secret footage which aired as part of the series' finale.

The groom was hauled over the coals after fellow participant Hugo Armstrong revealed Hunjas' true feelings about his new bride in newly aired footage. 

“I don't wanna throw any of the boys under the bus… Dan [was] like, 'I can't stand her. But we say yes to try to make it to the end. She is the last person I'd be attracted to. Like, she's 100 percent, not my type'," Armstrong claimed Hunjas had said to him.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Jawanda said she had got her "power back" following the show. 

"At this moment, I finally felt like I had my power back. When leaving the experiment, I had forgiven Dan for the way he had made me feel. We were not a good match, that is very clear to me now.

"That does not give someone the excuse to treat me with disrespect, string me along under false pretences, lie about who they are, betray my trust, and then make me feel like I'm the problem.

"The right person for me will be open-minded, caring, and compassionate. They will be someone who gives me space to voice my opinion and flourish… not tear me down and make me doubt myself and my feelings."

While Jawanda revealed she'd initially felt "heard, accepted and secure" during the early days of her and Hunjas' marriage, cracks began to show shortly after. During the show, Hunjas criticised his wife for not being active enough or sharing his passion for the beach.

"Slowly but surely I started to see the reality behind the mask. This person made me feel small, unheard, and insecure. I never had a chance when he was not there for the right intentions.

"Not only was I robbed of my opportunity to find love, but I was humiliated and traumatised in the process. I was confused and felt so alone. I left feeling much the same, still torn between my heart and head and unable to make sense of it all.

"When I got home I felt empty, like I had lost something I never really had. The love and support of my family and friends helped me feel like my old self again."

Jawanda also revealed many other women had been in touch with her since the show aired, with most of them sharing similar stories to her own experiences.

"These stories remind me of how important it is for us to use our voice," she said. 

"The only way we can stop people from getting away with treating others like this is if we hold them accountable and speak our truth. Take your power back.

"This man no longer deserves my time or energy. My focus is now me and how I can grow and move forward, and in the process hopefully help others."

Episodes of Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 can be streamed on ThreeNow.