Married at First Sight Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde 'forced to see therapist', made redundant after series airs

Married at First Sight Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde says she's been "forced to see a therapist" and was "coincidentally" made redundant after appearing on the latest season of the reality show.

Barmonde told the Telegraph she was now seeing her therapist of 20 years up to three times a week after suffering online bullying following the show's broadcast.

"It was really dark for a couple of months," she said. 

"It's unreal, some of the messages people send to me on my personal phone number and business accounts.

"You can chat about your opinion of me in this highly edited show in person and on social media, but if you find my number, and write up the most vile message I've ever seen and hit send, that's intent to hurt. It's not on."

She revealed she'd stopped watching the show after she realised "what the edit was" of her on-screen.

She also said she'd "coincidentally" lost her executive assistant job of seven years following her portrayal on the show, but didn't expand any further.

Barmonde was paired off with Duncan James on the show, who insisted he had no choice but to split with her at the Final Vows ceremony, citing their relationship getting "worse each week".

James told Yahoo Lifestyle he thought they were "not right" as a couple the longer the experiment went on.

Barmonde was slammed by fans for her "dirty" behaviour during the show's reunion dinner as the 2023 season neared its conclusion.

The single mother's aim in the penultimate episode was exposing her former husband, claiming he'd worn a "mask" for the entire experiment and had hidden his true intentions.

Accusing James of being "fake" and "talking shit about me", Barmonde was called out by many after the show aired for her treatment of her former husband once the pair reunited.

As James entered the reunion and reached out to hug his former wife, she simulated vomiting behind his back.

However, James has defended Barmonde, saying "no one deserves" the treatment she's suffered following the show.

"The stuff that people are saying about her and to her... I hate it. I've seen some of it, I don't see much of it, I do try to pull myself away from it," he said.

"No one deserves some of the horrible comments people have said."

The 2023 season of Married at First Sight Australia is available to watch on Three Now.