Matt Damon and Ben Affleck discuss their crowd-pleasing new collaboration Air

Oscar winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are childhood buddies who have been busting out big-screen Hollywood movies their entire careers.

Now they're back together in a film called Air, which tells the story of how sporting icon Michael Jordan and Nike changed the face of footwear forever.

Buzz for the film kicked off at the SXSW Festival where it premiered and quickly achieved a 100 percent positive rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

"Believe me I've already screenshotted it in case it starts to go down," Damon told Newshub.

Air has a lot of '80s music, '80s hair and of course '80s shoes. It is based on the true story of how Nike's Sonny Vaccaro - played by Damon - courted a rookie basketball player by the name of Michael Jordan.

The Air Jordan was born and changed sports marketing forever; it was the first time a player would get a cut from every pair of shoes sold.

As old mates who grew up together and won Oscars together, Air is the latest onscreen collaboration of Damon and Affleck, who also directed.

"Our tastes are really aligned," said Damon.

"There's a shorthand that develops, because you have so much common experience together. What he thinks is funny, I think is funny. What he thinks is sad, I think is sad.

"We have a common goal - I've been in these situations which are disastrous where you have differing ideas about what the scene should be and then it's just like, you know, you're kinda stuck."

The common goal is a for a Good Will Hunting-style slam-dunking for the duo with a script that had been languishing in Hollywood for years. 

"I wanted to try and make a movie that everyone could see, that everybody could like and enjoy, that was smart and funny and fun, and please the crowd - that was my ambition," Affleck told Newshub.

"With COVID-19 there were a few years of being locked up, so there's a sort of an air of depression and negativity or something that seems to have come in and I'd like to say something hopeful and inspiring."

Full of heart and soul, Air is in cinemas across the country now.