Ten Tenors ignite trans-Tasman rivalry as AM presenter William Waiirua auditions for group

AM presenter William Waiirua has been jokingly mocked for his accent ahead of an audition to be part of the Ten Tenors singing group.

The mainly Australian musical ensemble is in Aotearoa for a string of concerts, but Waiirua was given the chance to audition for them on Thursday morning.

When asking the group if there was a rivalry between its Aussie and Kiwi members, Australian Jared Newall told Waiirua: "Sorry mate, I can't understand your accent."

"Thankfully the accent doesn't come through in the singing," Newall said, while laughing.

Waiirua then asked fellow Tenor Michael Edwards if people were "born with singing or is it something that can be taught?" before his chance to sing came up.

"Everyone can sing, everyone's got a voice, but maybe there's a bit of natural talent involved," Edwards told the AM presenter.

However, Waiirua got the last laugh with his audition for the group when challenged to take on the operatic song 'Nessun Dorma'.

Watch the video from AM above.