Benee reveals why she made Bagels, the science-based song that helps calm anxious thoughts

Kiwi pop star Benee says her new song was made in response to the fact many young people are overly stressed in 2023.

'Bagels' was scientifically designed and tested to help ease anxious feelings using data from Auckland University of Technology.

The 'Supalonely' singer worked with producer Josh Fountain in conjunction with the research which included guidance on musical keys, melody, tempo and chords.

Once the track had been laid down, it was subjected to further testing to confirm it adhered to anxiety-reducing principles.

Money from the track's streaming will go to Youthline, a New Zealand charity which works with young people in Aotearoa.

Speaking on The Project NZ, Benee said it was "a really different approach to making a song".

"Sometimes it's chaotic, sometimes it's loud, this time it was like - we're trying to ease the pain and it was really fun. It's nice to make a song in a different way," she said.

"Life is really hard, young people especially are struggling. The world is cooked; I don't know a person who's not dealing with something."

Watch the video from The Project above.