Ezra Miller walks red carpet at The Flash Hollywood premiere in first public appearance since legal issues

Ezra Miller has made their first appearance since a string of accusations seemingly threatened to derail their career and the release of superhero movie The Flash.

The upcoming DC movie, which opens in Aotearoa cinemas on Thursday, had its big premiere at the Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (NZ time), with Miller walking the red carpet.

Also at the premiere was Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez as well as The Flash director Andy Muschietti and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who recently became the co-chief of DC Studios.

It's the first time Miller has been seen in public since they were arrested in Hawaii after an incident in a karaoke bar. They were also accused of harassing a woman in Germany, and were charged with felony burglary after another incident in the US state of Vermont. 

Additionally, Miller was also accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a young person they met at the age of 12.

Last August, the actor claimed to be "suffering complex mental health issues" and taking part in "ongoing treatment."

The Ovation Hollywood premiere is the only official preview that Warner Bros. Discovery, which owns Newshub, will be having to promote the release of the DC movie.

Video on social media showed Miller posing for cameras and one photo also showed them involved in an interview on the red carpet, which was widely believed wouldn't be happening.

"Ezra wants the movie to open and the conversation to be about the movie and not about Ezra," a source told Variety earlier this month after the news they would attend just one premiere for the superhero movie, days before the film opened worldwide.

"They are focused on their mental health and don't want it to be transactional."

The Flash opens internationally this week.