Review: The Flash is worth the wait as it speeds into cinemas

A long time coming and laced with off-screen controversy, DC superhero movie The Flash finally speeds into cinemas this week - and turns out it's worth the wait.

Troubled star Ezra Miller is in the lead role and there are cameos a-plenty to keep the fans happy.

Good grief did I just enjoy the heck out of a Justice League movie? Oh hell yeah I did.

The first big DC release under new management - although not made under the James Gunn watch - it's clear why he backed the film despite numerous engagements between his lead actor and the law.

Ezra Miller's Flash is full of heart and humour and sets up the re-boot of this patchy universe perfectly.

This Flash-focused film still riffs on Justice League and as the trailer has already told us and fans have been salivated over, look who's back.

We are playing with the multiverse here, a storytelling minefield often fraught with gaping plot holes. Here they mostly stick the landing.

The trauma of losing his mother drives Barry Allen aka The Flash and the narrative into an ever-increasing time-travelling circle of hell that will obviously have multi-dimensional impacts. Sure we've seen this before but when it's done well it's a very satisfying and entertaining experience.

So there you have it. It took them a while, but The Flash is fantastic. Bat-fans - do not leave the cinemas until the final credits have rolled.

Four stars.