Review: Jennifer Lawrence doesn't hold back in R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence is the kind of actor who can turn her hand to anything and she proves that with her latest movie No Hard Feelings.

It's an R-rated comedy and she doesn't hold back.

You get the feeling right off the bat that Jennifer Lawrence came to play in No Hard Feelings and to the tune of an R16 rating. And play she does.

Maddie is a born-and-bred local surfer girl in the Long Island hamlet of Montauk trying to scrape a living together as the townies move in to claim their coastal lifestyles.

When her car gets repossessed she finds a way to get another when a set of rich parents offer her a secondhand Buick to 'date' their unsociable son Percy and prep for the social rigours of college.

Cue the usual shenanigans with Maddie leading the charge with a charge who requires a lot of leading.

There's a very distinct possibility this movie caught me at a weak moment. While it's a predictable been-there-done-that comedy with some eye-rolling ridiculous moments, I somehow did find myself genuinely guffawing more than once and JLaw brings it whatever the role.

Leave your brain and your high expectations at the door and this may catch your funny bone unawares as well.

Three stars.