Review: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny disappoints as franchise says goodbye

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is set to barrel into global cinemas at the end of the month - the final instalment of this beloved decades-long franchise.

Of course Harrison Ford is back, but there's also a really surprising link to the British comedy show Fleabag.

Indiana Jones and Fleabag, together, in the final chapter of Harrison Ford's Indy? That headline had me frothing at the bit for this Dial of Destiny and while they didn't disappoint the film itself unfortunately did.

This is Harrison Ford's final Indy chapter, his farewell, and this story is a farewell nostalgia trip for the legion of fans. And as far as adventure goes, he's certainly on one.

Through the window CGI creates, we spend a lot of time with younger Indy and the Nazis setting up this tale.

When we come back to older Indy, Phoebe Waller-Bridge enters the fray as his god-daughter. She's on a mission of her own chasing a powerful relic - the dial of destiny - and her godfather is the key to finding it.

Of course this is Indiana Jones. My expectations are always sky-high and certainly even hearing the iconic John Williams score and spending this time with Indy and his legacy was worthwhile.

But what Dial of Destiny drove home is how much this new Hollywood obsession with de-aging beloved characters to tell us stories back in time simply does not float my boat.

But when we are with real Indy, the real 80-year-old Harrison Ford? There is still that movie magic in those moments.

Three stars.