Barbie film set was a 'giant dance party' Margot Robbie says as world tour kicks off

Thousands amassed in Sydney over the weekend to party with Barbie ahead of the movie's release this month.

Australian Margot Robbie led the charm offensive as the global tour kicked off at a Sydney mall with fans covered in head-to-toe pink outfits.

While many had expected to see Ryan Gosling - who plays Ken in the film - he was absent, leaving it to Robbie and director Greta Gerwig to promote the movie.

Robbie told Newshub shooting the movie was a fun experience and "every day felt like it was a giant dance party".

But given how iconic Barbie has been for so many, director Greta Gerwig acknowledged there was a lot of pressure to cater to everyone.

"We had to make something that addressed a wide range of feelings," she told Newshub's Kate Rodger.

America Ferrara, who plays Gloria, believes the Barbie movie has done the right thing by the Mattel toy which has been around since March 1959.

"There have been times in the legacy when she was a revolution and other times when she was way behind her times," she said.

The Barbie movie releases in New Zealand cinemas on July 20.