Lizzo stops sold-out concert to help 11-year-old being bullied on social media

A young Australian girl led to Lizzo stopping her sold-out concert in Sydney on Monday after the 11-year-old revealed she was bullied on social media. 

The 'Truth Hurts' singer was performing at Qudos Arena when she spotted a young girl in the audience holding up a sign that read: "Pls help me show my haters I'm 100% that bitch".

Monroe Mills was handed a microphone as Lizzo, who spotted her sign in the crowd, asked what she meant.

"I get bullied on social media and they always tell me I'm not good enough," Mills said in front of 21,000 fans. 

"I like to dance and sing and I want to be like you."

The 'About Damn Time' singer then brought Mills up to the stage to deliver an empowering message.

"How could somebody say something hurtful or harmful to a young person like this?" she asked.

"Monroe, you're beautiful and talented and incredible and you're special, and you can do anything and you're so young," the musician told her.

"You could be the greatest dancer in the world - you have so much time."

Footage from social media then showed Lizzo asking Mills to dance in front of the crowd while they chanted. As she demonstrated her dance skills, Lizzo taped the whole thing on Mills' phone for posterity.

Mills told the Daily Mail that Lizzo had given her a boost of self-confidence on stage.

"People usually bully me when I sing on live [Instagram Live] and pick on me about my teeth and my singing and tell me to give up.

"Lizzo said to not let the haters get to me and that she loves me."

Social media erupted at the wholesome moment, with many claiming they were "sobbing" at Lizzo's response to the young girl.

"You killed it at Lizzo beautiful girl, we are super proud of you and the young woman you are becoming, don't ever let anyone make [you] feel less than you are because you're shining above the stars," one wrote on Instagram.

"I am crying I promise," another wrote on Twitter/X.

Lizzo is due to play a one-off show at Auckland's Spark Arena on Wednesday.