Mission: Impossible star Simon Pegg tells Newshub about Tom Cruise's insane bike BASE jump stunt

The $5.6 billion Mission: Impossible movie franchise is about to haul in millions more as Tom Cruise brings the seventh instalment to cinemas across the globe this weekend.

Not only that, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One is just the first of two movies.

When Tom Cruise chose Sydney for his Mission: Impossible red carpet birthday party, the city lit the fuse and welcomed him with a hiss and a roar.

A swathe of screaming Aussie superfans gathered harbourside to wish Cruise a happy birthday and not to mention more than a few entertainment journalists. 

"Happy birthday, thanks for inviting us to your party," Newshub's entertainment editor Kate Rodger said to Cruise. 

Let's face it, Cruise has reason to celebrate actually making it to 61 years of age. It's not like he's lived a quiet ordinary life. For the past 20 years as Ethan Hunt, all he seems intent on is risking life and limb to entertain us all, and by crikey, we are entertained. 

Much has been said about the insane bike BASE jump stunt off a cliff in Norway, but imagine you're Cruise's best friend, this is the very first day of the shoot and you're standing on that cliff watching it all go down.

"We all went up there and we were just hanging out, just to be there because it was easier to be there with him when he was doing it than waiting back at our hotel, stressing out and waiting to hear if he was ok," Simon Pegg told Newshub. 

"So we watched him do it six or seven times and it was terrifying." 

And in a world of make-believe, Cruise and his director Christopher McQuarrie have dedicated themselves to making that make-believe as believable as they can.

"Tom and McQ (McQuarrie) have what amounts to a creative romance. They're consistently coming up with stuff, they feed each other's imagination and its great to be around, it's infectious," Pegg said.

"All they wanna do is be better all the time, they learn, every movie they take on new skills. Tom is the ultimate movie star, he's been in the business so long. McQ is an incredibly accomplished Oscar-winning writer and yet they'll both admit they're always learning... it's so great to be around."

Fans can now board the Mission: Impossible train and chuck it into Cruise control. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One hits Kiwi cinemas on Saturday.