Review: Asteroid City is funny, fabulous, and a flawless cinematic experience

You've ticked off Barbemheimer and now it's time to channel your love of cinematic pastels.

A new Wes Anderson delight called Asteroid City has just landed in cinemas, and Newshub entertainment editor Kate Rodger went to check it out.

"Junior star-gazers and space cadets… Each year we celebrate Asteroid Day commemorating September 23rd, 3007 BC when the Arid Plains meteorite made an Earth impact."

Yes, you read right.

Each year in Asteroid City they celebrate Asteroid Day, as Oscar-nominated filmmaking curio Wes Anderson paints us yet another weird and wonderful tale fleshed out by a cast of his usual suspects - but recruiting some fresh faces too.

After voicing a character in Isle of Dogs, Scarlett Johansson is all in here.

She plays a borderline sociopathic actor who sets her flirting sights on grieving widower Augie played by Wes stalwart Jason Schwartzman.

Enter stage left as his father-in-law is another newbie, Tom Hanks.

They're all a delight.

But it's the kids who hit this asteroid out of the park, and the kids are alright - smarter, savvier, grounded in the stars - and it'll take more than an alien to throw them off course, and I loved every moment with them.

My time inside the Asteroid City limits was simply a flawless almost spiritual cinematic experience for me.

It's the best I've felt with Wes Anderson since The Grand Budapest Hotel, one of the most magical movies ever made.

Fabulous, funny and a heartfelt five stars.