Review: Liam Neeson's new film Retribution is a one-star bore

At 71, Irish actor Liam Neeson is as busy as he's ever been and he has another big-screen movie hitting cinemas here this week.

It's called Retribution and I went to see it so you don't have to.

Liam Neeson - try as he may to make me question my life choices, I will always remain loyal to his unapologetic gruff vulnerability on the big screen.

But by crikey Liam, you're not making this easy for me. This is, unfortunately, his latest movie - Retribution.

It's a remake of a Spanish thriller, this time set in Berlin - a big-screen Berlin weirdly mostly populated by Irish, British and Americans. Retribution delivers us Neeson as a wealthy banker and disconnected husband and father who heads off to work, grumpy kids in tow, for school drop-off.

And in testament to the lack of thrill in this purported thriller, on average my school drop-offs are far more stressful. And they have a bomb in their car.

Needless to say the kids get a day off as daddy drives around the city taking orders from a ridiculous voice on the end of the phone while we sit in a dark cinema waiting for it all to just end - one way or another.

Mercifully lean in run time, end it does.

One star.