Russell Howard reveals shocking secret obsession he's 'never admitted' during Project interview

UK comedian Russell Howard has shocked The Project hosts with a revealing confession about a secret obsession he has.

Appearing live on the show on Monday ahead of his New Zealand tour, Howard was asked how he likes to relax.

"I've never admitted this," he began before telling the show: "I really like watching earwax removal videos. I don't know why."

Howard also told viewers his desire to consume these videos once badly impacted a live show in the UK.

"I was doing Sheffield Arena and there were 10,000 people waiting, and we did the show late

because I was watching a Chinese man getting his ears cleaned," he confessed.

"It was the most calming thing. I bet Beyonce does that before gigs," Howard said.

However, Howard was not alone in his choice of viewing with Kanoa Lloyd admitting: "I like to watch blackheads popping [videos] myself."

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