AM's William Waiirua has head shaved for charity live on-air, losing 10 years of hair growth

AM roving presenter William Waiirua says he is "feeling a whole lot lighter" after having his head shaved for the Child Cancer Foundation as part of Wig Wednesday

Earlier on Wednesday, Waiirua said he was "super nervous" when asked by AM host Ryan Bridge about the upcoming cut. 

"I've got a great repertoire of beanies," he told newsreader Nicky Styris after he was warned he would feel the cold. 

"Super nervous but it is for a good cause. For 10 years, you've only known me as Jason Momoa," he joked, running his fingers through his tresses. 

During the cut, Waiirua noted that bystanders watching on had "eyes like saucers" as the locks dropped off. 

"It looks amazing," AM co-host Laura Tupou said. 

Waiirua shaved his head to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation and by 9am, had secured over $47,000 in pledges for the charity. 

Watch the full video above.