ITM Fishing Show host Matt Watson says it's the right time to finish up his iconic series

ITM Fishing Show host Matt Watson says it is the "right time" to wrap up his iconic series.

The series has been running for 20 years and the latest one that begins showing on Three and ThreeNow this weekend will be the last.

Speaking on AM, Watson was asked if he had had second thoughts about finishing it off.

"Now is the right time. Twenty years is a good stint to do anything," he told co-hosts Michael O'Keeffe and Laura Tupou.

"Knowing it was my last made it so much better."

Watson also said he had a responsibility to his audience.

"Knowing how much ITM Fishing meant to so many people, I thought, 'I can't just let it go.'"

Watson revealed his family was going to be benefiting from his decision.

"I'm looking forward to having more time to say 'yes' to my family for all sorts of things."

Watch the video above.