Ryan Bridge asks Nicky Styris' husband 'what's she like at home' amid 'iron fist' discussion

AM hosts Melissa Chan-Green and Ryan Bridge have been given an insight into Nicky Styris' "iron fist" rule at home by husband Scott Styris.

The former Black Cap was on AM on Wednesday and Bridge couldn't resist asking him: "What's she like at home?" after Chan-Green quizzed him about Bridge's constant mockery.

"Ryan sometimes takes the mickey out of Nicky in the morning, our viewers have noticed it, I've noticed it," Chan-Green said, before Nicky took charge of the conversation.

"Oh my God, who are you guys?" she said before turning to Scott and asking: "What are you cooking me for dinner tonight cos you're in charge?"

"Devilled sausage pie - it's my specialty," he said.

"It's disgusting," Nicky said.

Bridge then seized the opportunity to ask: "Yeah what's she like at home?" with Chan-Green following up with: "Is she like this at home?"

"Oh this is definitely a facade - it's definitely a bully-boy mentality in our house I'm surprised that for three hours you guys don't get the iron fist," Scott said.

"We get it in the ad break, she's very clever at keeping it off-camera," Bridge said before digging in further.

"Cricket in my mind is a really long game, and you're a cricketing man, do you think that put you in good stead for the long, long marriage to Nicky?" he teased.

"I'm speechless, you guys are so mean - he gives as good as he gets," Nicky said.

Watch the video above.