The Wiggles 'deeply disappointed' to hear 'Hot Potato' being used to cause misery for homeless people

The Wiggles have condemned the City of Bunbury council in Western Australia after learning their song 'Hot Potato' was being blasted publicly to stop homeless people from gathering. 

The West Australian reported that the song was being played on a loop in one of the town's parks to prevent homeless people from using it as a shelter. 

The children's group has now sent a cease-and-desist letter to the council, banning them from using their 1994 hit. 

In a statement the group said it was "deeply disappointed" their music had been used for that purpose. 

"The Wiggles' music is created to bring joy and happiness to children and families around the world, and we are deeply disappointed to hear that it is being used in any other way." 

It is understood the council had been using the song for around six months. 

Mayor of Bunbury Jaysen Miguel said: "The City of Bunbury has been running music on and off there for the past six months, as happens across Australia and across the world where you can have music in certain areas to deter anti-social behaviours. 

"But... there has been a known problem where people are getting in and turning the music up to full bore." 

In February 2022, former House Speaker Trevor Mallard came under fire for using music against protesters in Parliament. 

He started blasting out Barry Manilow songs as well as Unite Against COVID-19 advertisements and the Latin hit 'Macarena' on repeat to try and move the anti-mandate protesters from Parliament grounds, including turning the sprinklers on.