AM looks back on 'lighter moments' of 2023 including Nicky Styris' Westfield confession, Ryan Bridge's Australian barb

AM hosts Melissa Chan-Green and Ryan Bridge have shared some of their favourite "lighter" moments from the past 12 months on air.

On Thursday's show, the team played a highlights reel of their funnier moments from 2023.

"Our second to last day on AM for the year and we are looking back on some of the lighter moments from the year," Chan-Green told viewers, before video showed the comedy and chaos that had ensued on TV.

The video included highlights such as Bridge's Cockney Adele impression to his barb over how "it's not hard to be smarter than an Australian", and Nicky Styris' unconventional Westfield story.

There was even a touch of music as well with Chan-Green attempting to sing Shania Twain.

Watch the video above.