AM hosts in hysterics as Nicky Styris shares husband's unconventional romantic gesture

For many of us, an $800 shopping spree funded by our significant other sounds pretty sweet - but for AM's Nicky Styris, an anecdote about her husband's grand romantic gesture left co-hosts Ryan Bridge and Laura Tupou in hysterics.

On Tuesday's show, the hosts were discussing how partners show their romantic side in relationships, prompting sports presenter Styris to share a story about how her husband celebrated her birthday about 17 years ago. 

Launching into the anecdote, Styris explained how her husband had taken her to a Westfield Mall and informed her she had one minute to answer 10 quick-fire questions: for each question she got right, he'd give her $100 in cash to spend on whatever she wanted.

Before she could finish her story, however, Bridge and Tupou burst into laughter.

"This is not romantic. First of all you're at Westfield - where all great romance stories start," Bridge cackled, adding: "And he's throwing $100 bills at you!"

To illustrate, he began mimicking the motion of showering a stripper or exotic dancer with bills as Styris and Tupou chuckled.

"I think it's the opposite of romantic."

Continuing with her story, Styris revealed she had the correct answers to eight of the 10 questions, which gave her a grand total of $800 to spend - but there was a catch. 

"I got $800 and he said, 'Now you've got one hour to go and spend that $800 and what you don't spend, you have to give back to me. So of course I went into this massive panic… I was ringing my girlfriends [asking], 'Where should I go, what should I get?'" she said through her laughter.

"I can't remember what I bought, it was 17 odd years ago, but I remember I had $30 left or whatever. He took his $30 back and dropped me off at a massage place for the afternoon."

While Tupou acknowledged the gesture was "very thoughtful", Bridge was still unconvinced: "It's not like he wrote you a poem… 'here's a quiz in the Westfield carpark'."

Tupou then shared a display of affection by her partner, Andrew - a sweet breakfast set-up laid out the night before, complete with a magazine and a series of notes for each component, which spanned a banana, juice, a cup for coffee and everything needed to make eggs on toast. 

"I have a little video of what my partner Andrew did for me. He's all about little things… he's still asleep when I come to work in the mornings, and this is what he left me one morning," she prefaced the clip. 

However, Tupou quickly noted that while she appreciated the gesture, she doesn't have time to eat breakfast before heading to work in the early hours of the morning, let alone make eggs and toast. 

"It's very sweet but it's highlighting a lack of understanding about your morning routine - you're not going to be making eggs at 2:30am," Bridge agreed.

Watch the video above.