A look into the latest John Woo film Silent Night

Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo is a pioneer of the big-screen action blockbuster, and at 77 is showing no signs of slowing down. 

His latest Hollywood film is an R-rated Christmas movie called Silent Night, and clearly not one for the kids. 

It's less Love Actually and more Death Definitely, here we have a festive flick delivering a tad more R-rated bullets and bodies under the Christmas tree than Santa would have intended.  

The film is 104 minutes of movie with zero minutes of dialogue. 

There's no mistaking the inimitable blood-soaked handprint of Hong Kong gun-fu master filmmaker, John Woo 

An action filmmaker who inspired and informed the Tarantinos and Wachowskis to come, he's worked with everyone from Jean-Claude Van Damme, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta to Tom Cruise and Anthony Hopkins. 

What wasn't a mission impossible for Woo, was making a film entirely devoid of dialogue.

"I'm really excited about it, the audience is very clever, sometimes you don't need to say anything, they can understand, they can feel it," Woo said. 

Woo's highly-stylised slow-motion action sequences, his love of the double gun shoot-out and his penchant for doves: his impact on the Hollywood action genre is undeniable. 

"We are all learning from each other, we are all in a big family and care about each other, and actually I am really grateful," he said

"Even when I watch other people's work, I feel they do a much better job than me."

Humble, still learning and still making movies at 77, John Woo's Silent Night Christmas present for action fans is already under the tree, and at cinemas across the motu.