Grammys 2024: Killer Mike arrested after winning three awards

Rapper Killer Mike has been led away in handcuffs just moments after scooping up three awards at the 2024 Grammys. 

The American rapper and activist was seen in footage on social media being taken away from the arena in downtown Los Angeles, but there was no immediate reason given as to why. 

The Hollywood Reporter's Chris Gardner said it was likely he would be released soon, and a source had told him it was related to a misdemeanour charge. 

"Just spoke to an official who tells me it's a misdemeanor and has nothing to do with anything that happened today here inside the arena. Likely he will be released once it's sorted. 'It's a big nothing,' source says," Gardner wrote on X. 

Killer Mike won in all three of the categories he was nominated in. They were best rap song and best rap performance for his track 'Scientists & Engineers' and best rap album for Michael, his sixth studio album which was released in June 2023. 

It is also the first time the rapper has won a Grammy since 2003.