MAFS AU: John Aiken reveals his 'epic fail' Valentine's Day

Married at First Sight Australia relationship expert John Aiken says he suffered an "epic fail" on Valentine's Day when he was younger. 

Aiken, who has been married to Kelly Swanson-Roe for 17 years, exclusively told Newshub the rejection was "part of it". 

"When I was young, I was probably 16, or 17 and single, I liked a girl," he said. 

"I put myself out there and I went and spoke to her and she said, 'No, thank you.'  

"What do you do with that? You have just got to pick yourself up and, you know, go on with things and sort of try and learn from it.  

"But my mates were saying, 'Yeah, go and ask her out, you can do this - it's Valentine's Day. And it was an epic failure. But that's a part of it.  

"You just learn and you have got to... build up that resilience." 

Aiken also said he believed the key to a successful Valentine's Day was to share an experience together. 

"I would choose to do something novel, something that the two of you have not ever experienced. Because it's... wonderful whether it goes well or not, if you're both doing something together for the first time, it bonds you.  

"Ultimately make your partner feel as though they are important on this day. Yes, people will say, 'Well, it's just one day of the year' - but anything that brings your partner close and makes them feel special, I say go for it."  

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