MAFS Australia: Eden 'really rattled' by Jayden's confession of making cheating ex watch him have sex with best friend

  • 13/02/2024

A Married at First Sight Australia groom shocked his wife, viewers and other participants by confessing to a bizarre revenge sex act which he claims he does not regret.

Jayden Eynaud made the shocking admission to his wife Eden Harper, who was left tearful and "really rattled" by the revelation in the latest episode.

A previous girlfriend cheated on him multiple times, the 26-year-old kickboxer Eynaud claimed. However, he decided he would remain in a relationship with her, but only if she watched him have sex with her best friend.

"One of her friends agreed to do it. So after a little bit of chatting for a few days, it happened," Eynaud told Harper on the show.

While Harper was stunned by the vile sex pact itself, she appeared more horrified when she asked if Eynaud regretted it, to which he said he didn't.

"The story was gross and I didn't like it at all - but then he didn't seem to regret it. That was the concerning part," Harper said to the camera.

She had been single before the show for three years after her partner cheated on her with her best friend, something her MAFS groom was aware of.

"I feel like that's just so triggering for me because of my situation which you already know about," Harper told Eynaud on the show. "I don't really know what else to say."

In the following scene, Harper goes to discuss Eynaud's confession with fellow bride Sara Mesa, who branded it a "major red flag" and said if her husband told her that she'd probably split from him.

"It made me feel better that Sara is on the same page as me," Harper said later. 

"I was kind of wondering, like, 'Am I being extreme to care so much about this situation?' But then Sara made me feel better because she was like, 'No, that's a lot'. And I think she kind of agreed with me in that he kind of needs to show a little bit of remorse for that situation before I can think about staying in this relationship."

MAFS relationship expert John Aiken told Newshub Eynaud's confession was "shocking" and "took [his] breath away".

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