Review: Oscar-nominated The Zone of Interest is a confronting sensory experience

Fresh off winning multiple BAFTAs this week, Oscar-nominated film The Zone of Interest has just been released in local cinemas.

Ten years in the making for British filmmaker Jonathon Glazer, and very loosely based on the Martin Amis novel, The Zone of Interest needs to be seen - and above all, heard.

And it won't be easy to do either.

German actor Sandra Huller is back on the big screen in the second of two Oscar-nominated films this year - this time, as the wife of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoss.

She lives in the home and garden of her dreams, surrounded by the beauty of nature, raising her children.

Over her rose-hewn garden wall is Auschwitz.

Make no mistake, this is a horror film.

The banal mundanity of the Hoss family as they go about their lives, eating, gardening, swimming, sunbathing, the sound of unspeakable atrocities in the background.

It's masterful film-making of the most harrowing kind.

Of course, this film needs the time and quiet space around it to both steal yourself for and then recover from.

The Zone of Interest is a confronting sensory experience, but an incredibly powerful one.

Five stars.