Taylor Swift: Thousands of Kiwis in Melbourne for first MCG concert

Thousands of New Zealand fans have descended on Melbourne for Taylor Swift's concerts in the city, the first of which takes place tonight.

The pop star's Down Under Eras Tour shows are expected to inject around NZ$140 million into the local economy.

Newshub Australia correspondent Emma Cropper told AM on Friday hundreds of fans were already at the MCG ground buying up memorabilia ahead of the concert.

"It took about 20 minutes to line up," she said before explaining how fans already knew what they were going to buy.

"Imagine when the All Blacks are playing a final in New Zealand - the excitement, the hype and everyone's walking around, everyone's wearing the gear - that is what it is like here at the moment. With the music too, Taylor Swift has been in every Uber, every store, everywhere you go."

Swift's first three shows at the MCG will be the biggest audience she's ever played in front of - a crowd three times the size of an AFL final. The venue has a maximum capacity of 100,000.

Swift's Eras Tour is recognised as the highest grossing by any musician ever and the first to surpass US$1 billion in revenue.

Watch the AM interview above.