Review: Not even Paul Rudd can save Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

There's a new Ghostbusters in town and it's called Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

And who are you gonna call to find out if it's worth seeing? Newshub's entertainment editor Kate Rodger of course.

It's sequel time ladies and gents - a new Ghostbusters sequel to follow the last Ghostbusters sequel.

First, there was Afterlife, and now, strap on your ice skates, because Frozen Empire is here.

The fabulous cast of Afterlife are back - the new generation of Spenglers and Paul Rudd - and who doesn't love Paul Rudd?

They're based back at the original ghost-house firehouse, and they're back working full-time in the city as ghostbusters.

But there's something strange, in the neighbourhood, and it's got something to do with Kumail Nanjiani.

Something to do with these ice dagger things and a lot to do with finding enough 80s Ghostbusters nostalgia buttons to push to exhaust even the most diehard fan.

I feel like a grumpy old Gen X'er, but enough already.

If you're still going to stoop to gratuitous cameos then at least give me a story to nail them to - and some fresh ideas to colour it in.

Not even Paul Rudd could save this one for me.

Two stars.