Pub Choir event attracts hundreds of amateur singers to NZ International Comedy Festival

New Zealand-born Astrid Jorgensen has brought her Pub Choir event to Auckland and Wellington for this year's Comedy Festival - and it's attracting hundreds of keen singers.

Born from an idea in 2017, Pub Choir has travelled all around the world.

Jorgensen described it as an improvised music lesson.

"Whoever has a ticket, I will tell them what I want them to learn. Then by the end of the show the audience has become the performer," she told Newshub.

The two-hour session involves Jorgensen teaching crowds three different parts to a song that she has specially arranged. Every session is different.

"I think people get way too stressed about [singing]," Jorgensen said. 

"You just open your face and you just have a crack."

SkyCity Theatre was sold out on Thursday night with 700 people ready and keen to learn 'Everywhere' by Fleetwood Mac.

"There's no pressure at Pub Choir. You don't have to audition or anything. I'm not going to single anyone out or shame anyone," said Jorgensen.

"Once you can get over the idea that you're not the best, you can have a really nice time."

Jorgensen was once a teacher but said she "retired" from that because she didn't like marking children on their singing abilities.

"I don't want to mark anyone ever again. I don't want to be the one judging other people," she told Newshub.

"I want to facilitate you having a nice time."

Jorgensen said her Pub Choir event would return to New Zealand on an annual basis.

"I was born in Hamilton so I feel like coming home whenever I come back to New Zealand," she said.

"I feel like New Zealanders are so friendly, now that's not the same as being good at singing but I love New Zealand audiences."

And for anyone considering heading along, Jorgensen said there's not much effort involved.

"If you've got a mouth you've got all the equipment you need."